Concrete Countertops

Stainless steel / concrete countertops gaining momentum

Concrete countertops is another addition to ACDI's decorative concrete department.  Whether its polished, colored or stained concrete, every countertop project is unique and never alike.  All countertop installations are casted in-place with secondary reinforcement and installed with specialty concrete mix designs that correspond with the desired surface finishes.    

The growing popularity for concrete countertops can be directly linked to rising cost of granite and marble.  By using concrete as the core material, the design and shapes one can achieve surpasses the capabilities of other hardscape materials.  Bullnose edges can resemble expensive French moldings for a fraction of the cost.  

As for finishes, concrete polishing has become the popular choice for concrete countertops due to its low maintenance and durability.  Most other finishes require sealing but by polishing the surface of the concrete with multiple diamond grits and applying densifiers you can achieve a waterproof surface that needs no sealers.  All other countertop surfaces require sealers in order to resist liquid / food staining and scuffing of the concrete.

But, ACDI is especially known for the invention of the stainless steel concrete countertop.  This combination of concrete and the highest grade of stainless steel the market can offer brings concrete to another planet.  Some people prefer the look of concrete but like the edges of the counters to be absolutely perfect.  ACDI researched for 5 years various other materials which would make integrating sinks and backsplashes much easier.  With custom stainless steel countertop pans, ACDI used metal fabricator techniques to weld stainless sinks and custom backsplashes together making the concrete portion of the work much easier to control.  

In addition, edges of the countertops and backsplashes were of the same material and allowed the countertops to blend with other stainless steel appliances without looking out of place.  The effect was a significant one - a seamless, modern look to concrete countertops no one has ever done.  The concrete can be integrally colored to match cabinets or stained to resemble authentic marble and granite.  Typical concrete countertops are 2" in thickness but are not just limited to these dimensions.  ACDI can install countertops from 1/2 " to 4" thick using alternative concrete admixtures.  Countertops under 2" thick require self-leveling admixtures which contains higher polymer levels than normal concrete.  This reduces cracking and increases strength and flexibility allowing installations of concrete in location normally not possible.  Self leveling concrete also tolerates sea shells, glass and metal shaving to be mixed into the countertop and polished exactly like terrazzo.  

There are many possibilities available so contact ACDI if you have further questions or design ideas.  

Backsplash Alternatives

Tile Mosaic
There are many backsplash alternatives to choose from that add to your new concrete countertops.  ACDI installs pre-bast concrete backsplashes and poured-in-place but they usually have to be poured seperately due to logistics.   Although ACDI does not install alternative backsplashes, we hope the information below will help you find the right look.  

Backsplashes can be created in many styles and materials, including ceramic tile, copper, glass, tin, granite, laminate, marble, slate, solid-surfacing, stainless steel, wood, and mirrors. Even the most commonly used materials, such as ceramic tile and laminate, offer a selection of colors, textures, and surfaces.

You also can choose a tile treatment that reflects your interests. Novelty tiles can be found at tile stores and home-improvement centers.  Other backsplash options is to paint an image onto an artist's canvas, then affix it to the wall with wallpaper paste. (Use acrylic paint, then three coats of matte polyurethane to protect the design from spills and splashes.)

Marble, granite, and slate are more expensive than tile and laminate, but they impart a natural texture and feel to the room.  With a coating of polyurethane or similar protection, beadboard and other wood wainscot materials have no problem performing kitchen duty.
Tin Panels

Stainless steel is perfect for a cool, contemporary look and can be brushed, burnished, or polished. Use copper when you want metal with a warmer hue.

Visit the links below for more information on backsplashes for your concrete countertops.  

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The Architectural Profiles Created using Pacific Formliner add to the overall Beauty of any concrete work. These Re-usable formliners come in Eight Standard Profiles with matching finishing tools. Available in convenient 9' lengths. Custom profiles made to order.

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