Our Mission

Whether it's decorative concrete or a garage slab, ACDI takes pride in every job we build.  A family-owned company built primarily by customer referrals, ACDI lets the work speak for itself.  Not only is every project a reflection upon the company, but represents every employee that works for us.  With this belief, it's our goal to estimate, design and build every project to the best of our ability.

Looking to climb higher mountains?  Do you have a background in the concrete industry?  Are you looking to make a career change?  If so, Artistic Concrete Design, Inc.  may be the right fit for you.  Recognized as a leader in decorative concrete construction by ready mix suppliers, general contractors, concrete associations and residential clients, our passion is concrete!  

ACDI considers employment applications periodically searching for hidden talent that needs a new team.  You can check artisticconcretedesign.com for updated job postings throughout the year.  

Job Postings

Concrete  Finishers
ACDI is recruiting (2) talented finishers with extensive backgrounds in the decorative concrete industry.  Experience forming steps, risers, foundations, driveways, patios, borders, columns are a plus.  Talent, character and experience shall be the determining factor.  All finishers will be evaluated in the field for 3-5 days by ACDI administraters to determine their skill set.  Participants will not be paid during the evaluation period and must supply their own finishing tools and transportation.  You must have past experience - this is not a entry level position.  

Participants must be U.S. citizens, have a driver's license, no criminal record or substance abuse issues with reputable referrals.  

If you are selected by ACDI after the evaluation period has concluded, here is a list of benefits which may be available to you:  

Wages based upon finishing skills.  
Minimum of 40 hours a week.  
Full medical benefits including dental and vision.
Supplemental insurance.
Company vehicle.
Performance bonuses.
Learn to install -stamp, stains, overlays, countertops, optic fiber lighting, foundations, driveways, patios, pool decks, steps, ect.  

Fax resumes to (425) 488-8184 or email showstopperharv@aol.com