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The biggest rave of all the products Artistic Concrete Design offers is the newest addition of Snap Lock Industries RaceDeck®.  With over 20 years of engineering quality, the multi-patent RaceDeck® is the industry leader in modular flooring.  RaceDeck® is engineered to withstand the toughest of mechanical environments resisting oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline and household chemicals.  

Easy To Install

No tools & no mess.  With RaceDeck® you simply "snap" together your floor creating a high-tech finished look in just hours, not days.  Go from ordinary to extraordinary in no time with RaceDeck®.  


RaceDeck® comes with many benefits vs. other flooring alternatives:

10 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty
Odorless Installation - No toxic fumes.
Installed in less than one day
Not affected by moisture in the concrete
Available in self-draining design
Easily removed for use elsewhere
Can be properly installed by homeowner
Does not require shot-blasting, acid-washing or surface prep before installation
Offers superior slip resistant when wet
Will not crack if foundation concrete cracks
Easily and quickly repaired if damaged

Where To Install

RaceDeck® can be installed in:

Garages - Easy to install; no tools & mess.  RaceDeck®
is not affected by oil, gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluid or UV radiation.
Car Shows - Portable and lightweight; enhance your show vehicle's appeal.
Indoor and Outdoor Display - Highlight new models and products on your sales floor.  
Mobile Showrooms - Enhance the overall appearance of your rig and company image.  

Types of Flooring

RaceDeck® products are available in many standard colors as well as custom colors.  The Diamond Tile®
, FreeFlow® and FastDeck® are all interchangeable allowing you to create that personalized custom look.

Tile specifications :  12" wide x 12" wide  x 1/2" thick / 13 oz. in weight.  

Diamond Tile®



Edges and Trim

For more RaceDeck® photos, you can visit Snap Lock Industries @ www.racedeck.com.  

Contact your local ACDI representative for pricing and ordering information regarding RaceDeck® modular flooring system.  
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RaceDeck's® a registered trademark of Snaplock Industries SLC Utah USA