Optic Fiber Lighting

ACDI embeds optic fibers into concrete

After two years of research, ACDI has developed a lighting design system that comprises the flexibility to be installed within concrete.  Illuminated concrete systems combines the optic fiber technology developed by Supervision International and decorative concrete designs by Artistic Concrete Design to create visual eye candy.  Custom walkways with embedded side glow cable lighting can fade from one color to another in seconds.  Landscape water features are vividly displayed at night giving the optical illusion the water is changing colors.  Dark driveways direct vehicles to the location of their homes and create the most elegant entrance for everyone to see.  Optic Fiber Lighting technology is new to the concrete industry yet its application in commercial and residential lighting has been well documented.  From architectural waterfalls, pools and spas to special effects seen in popular Hollywood movies, most people have seen a form of optic fiber lighting.  

By installing lighting directly into concrete it makes navigating a car or walking down steps much easier.  More importantly, a good lighting system should make your hardscapes easy to see - not a guessing game of "where's the next step?"  Any traditional landscape lighting system should give you efficient visibility and safety.  But, optic fiber lighting uses less electricity, doesn't require separate light bulbs for each light source, and offers dynamic features not seen in any other system on the market.  

Not only does optic fiber lighting create the lighting of your dreams, but virtually run every point of light with (1) light bulb.  In fact, optic fiber lighting systems use 1/10th the electricity in comparison to typical landscape lighting.  Meaning, you get more for your money by only using (1) light source. Safety is another key factor why landscape architects, builder's and clients choose optic fiber lighting.  Conventional lighting systems give off high amounts of heat that can lead to potential fire hazards around plants.  In addition to fire hazards, electrical shock becomes another hazard when lighting is within or around water features.  Fortunately, for those
who select optic fiber lighting designs, safety is not an issue.  Optic fiber cables are coated in protective PVC sleeves and positioned within the concrete forms terminating to the original light supply called the "Illuminator."  The illuminator light box contains a 150 watt metal Halide lamp averaging 10, 000 of use and can accept a maximum 756 fiber strands.  Each illuminator offers upgraded color wheels and standard white light setting with remote control.  There are various lens and light fixtures ranging from paver lights (poured into the concrete) to standard pathway lighting.

Optic fiber lighting has been used at high profile hotels, amusement parks, casinos, and is rapidly growing among the construction industry for residential projects.  This same lighting system is featured at Disneyland's "Pirates of the Caribbean"  theme ride.  

Maintenance is another benefit of illuminated concrete systems  -- imagine never having to replace another light fixture in the dark.  All the fiber strands are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, automobiles and foot traffic.  

Ask your local ACDI representative about illuminated concrete systems for your next project.  
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