Polished Concrete

The ultimate low maintenance finish for new or existing concrete

As the demand for concrete grows due to its beauty and durability, many people are just discovering the world of concrete polishing.  Unlike other decorative concrete applications, concrete polishing provides an incredibly dense surface that doesn't require waxes or sealers.  Multiple diamond grits are used with the combination of hardeners to create the perfect finish leaving floors with little or no maintenance.  Large concrete floors found in convention centers and even popular hardware stores are using concrete polishing due to its surface strength and overall beauty.  However, concrete polishing is extremely popular in residential settings with many people selecting to install heated concrete floors and concrete countertops.  

New or existing concrete are both candidates for concrete polishing.  In fact, if your concrete is in bad shape you can resurface an existing concrete slab using self-leveling overlayments and polish the surface.  This opens up a wide variety of designs for customers looking for options other than carpet, linoleum and tile.  For people looking to install heated concrete floors, there are several designs to consider:  Polished basic gray concrete, polished colored concrete and polished stained concrete.  Many people already know what basic gray concrete looks like except when you polish the surface you expose small grains of sand creating the feel of a Pacific Northwest beach on the floor.  The same affect is created with colored concrete, however, some colors offered by your local concrete supplier can mimic the expensive look of sandstone for a fraction of the cost.  Brighter colors, such as terracotta, which sometimes can be too overwhelming are toned down by exposing the gray sand within the slab.  The most unique polished concrete floors offered by ACDI are polished stained concrete.  Unlike the original look of stained concrete floors which requires sealers and floor wax, polished stained concrete combines acid staining concrete and polishing the surface eliminating the need for any sealers, epoxies or waxes.  You can use to same process for concrete countertops making for easy cleanup of beverage spills, grease and foods.  Polished stained concrete floors is the ultimate finish for avoiding scratches left by pets and doesn't require any janitorial services.  High traffic areas like restaurants
and supermarkets use polished concrete because of its low maintenance and beauty.  

Polished Concrete Overlays

Renovation projects and remodel contractors use concrete overlays to give worn concrete a facelift.  Whether removing existing carpet on a wood sub floor or ripping out tile on an existing concrete slab the use of concrete overlays and self-levelers can transform old concrete to new in a matter of days.  But did you know you can polish a concrete overlay?  ACDI has the ability to polish concrete resurfacing products to create a terrazzo look for your floors or countertops.  By integrally mixing color into the cementicious overlay and adding crushed glass, seashells or even crushed rocks you can achieve a wide variety of designs that meet your interior design.  But the installation of overlays on not just limited to concrete surfaces.  Many customers lose interest in their existing carpet or tile and want concrete without having to beef up their existing floors.  By using an anti-fracture membrane, concrete resurfacing material can be applied as thin as 1/2" thick over wood sub floors and polished allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty and durability of concrete.  

Below, you can view photos of polished concrete floors installed by ACDI:  

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