Standard Concrete Finishes

Exposed Aggregate with Stamp Concrete

Standard finishes don't have to be so ordinary

Many Commercial and residential concrete applications don't require decorative concrete.  So, before you think we prefer color versus standard gray concrete, our business was built upon the basics.  

Exposed with Grooved Bands
Rock Salt Finish
ACDI clients can purchase basic concrete finishes like "broom" or "hard trowel" and sandblast concrete surfaces for texture.  Sandblast finishes can leave basic gray concrete with a sandstone texture disguising brush marks.  

Common ACDI designed slabs combine decorative concrete finishes, such as stamp concrete borders, surrounding broom or exposed aggregate finishes.  Basic gray troweled bands can border an exposed aggregate driveway leaving the driveway or patio with a more appealing layout vs. a big slab.  

There are various ways to achieve an appealing look out of any basic concrete finish, such as, broom or exposed aggregate.  The addition of 9" - 16" grooved borders appeals to more people and breaks the slab into symmetrical sections without adding the decorative cost of colored concrete.  

If you're looking for different tones of gray concrete, then colored concrete will be your ticket.  Northwest concrete suppliers can add darker pigments into the mix giving clients more options when it comes to tones of gray.  

Colored concrete can be broomed, exposed or sandblasted just like basic gray concrete slabs.  The addition of protective sealers not only help protect your slab from dirt and moss, but saturate the pigment within the concrete leaving a subtle sheen on the surface.  

You can view our photo gallery for more pictures of standard finishes.  Ask your ACDI representative about scheduling an on-site estimate

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